Quantitative Aptitude


Quantitative Aptitude Practice .


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Number Sense .






Problem – 1

(Prelims 2011)


Read the following passage:


A , B , C , D and E are members of the same family. There are two fathers, two sons , two wives , three males and two females . The teacher was the wife of a lawyer who was the son of a doctor. E is not a male, neither also a wife of a professional. C is the youngest person  in the family and D is the eldest. B is male .

Answer the following questions .


Problem -2

( Prelims 2012)


Consider the following statements:

1- All X- brand cars parked here are white.

2- Some of them have radial tires 

3 – All X-brand cars manufactured after 1986 have radial tires are parked here .

4 – All cars are not X- brand .


Solve .

( Prelims 2018)