Story of a Lion, Cub and sheep

Story of a lion, Cub and sheep.

Once upon a time, a lioness gave birth to a cub and died immediately. The new born cub was roaming around. Meanwhile a herd of sheep was going by and the cub joined the sheep and walked along with them. The cub thought he is one among them. And was living with sheep and behaving like them. The cub was living with sheep comfortably .

        One day a lion came across the sheep herd and found a cub eating grass along with  the sheep.

The lion felt curious and caught the sheep like cub and asked him to come along with him. The cub was trembling and was worried about his life. The lion was surprised very much. He asked the cub, how you joined the sheep. The cub was clueless. Because he had no idea, what the lion is asking. The cub believed that he is sheep and a member of the sheep family. So he could not answer the question.

      Finally the lion took the cub to a nearby water pond. Where he asked the cub to see his image and image of the lion . The cub was extremely surprised, when he found that he is not like sheep, while as he looks like the lion.

The cub realized that he is a lion and he roared for the first time like a lion. And started to live and exert like a lion henceforth.

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