For Achievers

Dear Parents,


Due to technological

revolution every thing is

changing very fast.

Most of the things,

practices and systems

working at present

may be outdated

within next 10 years.

Role played by teacher

and school at present

will be replaced by

technology and only a

fraction of role will

remain for the teacher,

school, school building

and principal of the


Ed. Tech platforms

have already made

available the best

teachers to the lower

middle class child and

as well the same

content is consumed

by the child of a


Pen, pencil and paper

will be replaced by the

stylus and laptop.

Similarly other things

are expected to change

within next 20 years.

A child in LKG today

has to be prepared

for 2040. And it is

our duty to know

about the challenges

and requirements of a

young man in 2040.

Job titles and skills of

present will not be

sufficient for survival

in the market after

10 years. Before 10

years nobody could

imagine that one day

we will be carrying

Radio, TV, Watch and

phone in pocket device

called mobile phone.

In view of this fast

changing world, the

parent and teacher

has to visualize future

and prepare the child

to face the challenges

of future, with ease

and confidence .

In view of this scenario

we are starting

“Achievers Corner” .

In this section we will

prepare the child as

per international

standards. The child

will be exposed to the

international standards

of learning and

understanding at the

earliest stage .